Why we’ll see More Gamification in 2023 and How Can You Prepare?

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5 min readNov 13, 2022

If you didn’t know already, timing is the biggest factor when it comes to success. Yes, luck is curated by hard work, but diving into the equation; Luck = Preparation x Opportunity, you’ll understand without ‘Timing’, you’ll drown. So, I’m here to persuade you, next year’s medium, really might be employer’s worst nightmare as we see more PlayToEarn, LearnToEarn, WalkToEarn, TweetToEarn, BreatheToEarn DApps.


What is gamification? The act of converting something into a game. For example, if you want to lose weight — gamify it. In the book “The Game of Life and How to Play it (1925)” it talks much about the mind being the fundamental source to growth. If you’ve ever played a game, you realise the ‘thinking’ character, is the one you can control. And if you don’t have control over anything, it’s not a game. It’s probably a video or something that programs you instead. Hence why those that go through life without leveraging the tools, struggle to differentiate and even depicted as ‘NPCs’. Attempting to think differently is of course the risk you take. A sheep in the wild that does not run with the flock, puts itself in danger to the wolf. The ‘bandwagon effect’ however, puts the person in a comfortable script, and innovation is the opportunity cost, a danger in itself. Accurate thinking is the solution required, thinking that guides you harmonically to your vision. Something that is so simple yet must be practiced.

Why am I explaining something you already know? — Well these are the fundamentals to any game. We have all played Grand Theft Auto. You already know the vision is to make money, but what makes it a game is the trust in knowing you will eventually get there by doing the missions. That’s why they created the game. Of course, it’s not always about the money — Minecraft has no end goal, but you know the vision consists of creative building. The sooner we realise there is very little difference to the principles of these games and that at what we call ‘Life’, the faster you can achieve your goals and stop acting programmed. A farm is called a farm because we coded it, it’s simply rearranged nature.


What is an algorithm? Well as long as you believe code is in everything, you’ll believe we aren’t just talking about computer code. An algorithm is a set of accurate rules. Call them breakthrough methods now. It’s something that works, not something that’s going to work.

Beat the algorithms, and you’ll win, sounds easy but 95% of people let it beat them. It’s one big mind game.

So how do you know the algorithm? — Well that’s the game. But unless you’re a hacker, it requires iterations of failure, a few unintentional reputational sacrifices and whole lot of patience. Designed to sell you consumption, algorithms are rewarded with your attention and bingo, you become a customer without even realising. That’s an algorithm's purpose.

Understand the metaverse is one giant open plane, so every company fights for the same proximity. We’re not living in the past, people have more freedom now to just walk (or scroll) away from whatever you’re selling. A company MUST know, their algorithm in order to funnel a prospect to their brand, converting them to a customer. That’s your goal, that’s the algorithm you must learn to create, that’s the game you want your prospect to play. It shares with them, the company’s goal and vision that you would have otherwise, done yourself had you been face-to-face.

How to Prepare & Optimize as an Organization

When you buy a game, you know exactly what it entails and as there are numerous options of games available, you’ve chosen one that connects and resonates. That’s the algorithm’s job. We see a future where more become masters of this, or at least there are tools available for this kind of optimization.

We believe gamifying the process from prospect to customer is by far the most efficient method known yet. They can free roam around, browsing your articles and Googling you, but if you don’t yet have a personal brand, they must first discover your game’s rules first. So we saw photographs turn into courses (Instagram, carousels) and similarly with videos — we can only anticipate the next medium to be games.

That is why we built RPSBET and it’s ability for anyone to create games on there. It might initially come across as a gambling platform, but if you look below the iceberg and add a bit of wisdom. You know exactly the potential it has to become a gamified social platform. Like Twitter is a marketplace for social interactions, RPSBET.IO us a marketplace for games. Anyone can create a game with little or no effort. An efficient play2earn experience, unlike anything we have experienced yet in the metaverse.

What kinds of games can I create?

A Brain Game, learn about anything in a quiz-like format; submit your own from scratch using this Google Form: https://forms.gle/vxf3mWo5XTvqjfbw7

A Live Brain Game
Shareable URL Link for your game


So what have we learned? Well, games are a protocol for completing a vision in a fun way and the algorithm determines how it’s done. We can simply the process of converting prospects to customers by gamifying your brand experience.

RPSBET.IO is a tool with versatility and can be used directly to simplify this process. And is the first to introduce a game marketplace to the metaverse and gaming as a whole.

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