RPSBET x RPS Finance: Moonlight Your Way to The Successful Innovative Casino Experience Powered by Blockchain Technology through Binance Smart Chain

RPS Finance
5 min readJul 7, 2021
V2 working with $RPS Token (Release Date ~ August/September 2021)

UPDATE 07/07/2021:

  • 1 Month or so away from rpsbet.io fully working with $RPS
  • Betting NFTs Giveaway & Launch in less than a month

Now you can be a Casino enthusiast and a cryptocurrency investor who earns without doing a task. It sounds weird? Right! Give me few minutes of your time, and you will get rid of unproductive traditional casino experience and gambling platforms that produce insufficient result once and for all.

A recent study that surveyed adults who gambled at least monthly shows that more than 42% don’t truly understand the risk and some common factors behind traditional casinos. If you have experienced these two spheres, you will understand the risk and tell anyone to be ready to incur them when settling with traditional

gambling. You can tell, there are countless complex issues to be worked out with when talking about conventional casinos. However, we are not here to focus on the problem created but to bring solutions that will revolutionize casinos by making the gambling experience safer.

Despite crypto volatility, the market is still speedily progressing; big brands are adopting blockchain technology, making their operations safer and faster without hassle. Thus, the gaming platforms should not be behind the scheme while dining and whining in fears. Investors are taking advantage of the market to gain reasonable profits, and the way people transact has changed.

If you are a casino lover, do you know that you can wager on a revolutionized betting platform and earn their native crypto token? Not only that, by just holding some tokens, you can also earn based on the deflationary ecosystem. Meaning that, whether your desire is to invest in crypto or use it for betting purpose, we’re thrilled to take you along to the incredible future with RPSBET and its $RPS Finance.

What is RPSBET?

The majority of well-known betting platforms listed crypto only as a supplementary payment system, but RPSBET is building most of its work concept around the all- encompassing use of blockchain technology powered by the Binance smart contract.

RPSBET is the next generational casino platform ready to change your experience with betting and eliminate the complex issues associated with traditional casinos. — A good example is the common syndrome of house and bringing skilled games to the table, it is also known as Casino advantage. The house edge trick always guarantees the house wins down the line and make gambling a profitable business. This is the right time for you to take advantage of this vast and transparent ecosystem before it is too late. RPSBET, the deflationary ecosystem, is bridging the gap in the casino industry by making the gambling experience safer with the power of blockchain and skilled betting. RPSBET is a platform that gives users full control over their bets.

How $RPS Finance Wants to Renovate Casinos

RPSBET is a P2P (peer-to-peer) gambling system that makes all bet provably fair. No hidden secret, a casino system that enables you to independently verify that the house has no edge has bridged one of the complex problems in the traditional casinos. Taking the first huge step of launching our DeFi ($RPS Finance) and upcoming event that’ll enable waging with $RPS on the official RPSBET platform, the goal of fully decentralizing gambling and giving full control over the bets to players will become a reality. — that is what always keeps us up at night.

At RPSBET, we have a super-simplified user interface that will give users access to the real-time balance of live bets. It’s much like an exchange but with more risk and control over your capital. Renovating casino has been our goal since inception, RPSBET has been running since 2019, and we have reached 75% product/market fit in the new version1 and is expected to reach 100% with version2.

Here is a quick way to Safer Gambling Experience

In everything, safety is the essential factor to consider, and that is why you have to consider RPSBET. We have solid and transparent formation. RPSBET is safe, has an easy-to-use UI, groundbreaking blockchain ecosystem powered by Binance smart contract, and skilled betting. Our token ($RPS) is already trading on Pancakeswap DEX, and it’s currently affordable for all to buy. We still have a low market cap as it is newly launched, and our team is still growing! — Thus, this is the perfect time to get on the train and join our ever-growing community.

$RPS finance has a use case. Also, as a deflationary token, you can either hold and earn or use the tokens to wager on the official RPSBet platform (currently testing only). If you’re looking for a legitimate gem, you can check out our roadmap; $RPS is something you should consider. However, once $RPS is fully integrated into rpsbet.io, deflation will occur in every transaction. Our DeFi ecosystem is designed to automatically distribute 2% to holders, and 2% will be burned on each transaction and bet placed. — This is to maintain the value of the token and give value to investors’ funds.

Currently, you can buy or sell $RPS on pancakeswap with just few clicks. $RPS Finance will soon get listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Influencer marketing and usable NFTs giveaway are also in pipe. Our token will be listed on

centralized exchange (WhiteBit) as soon as possible. By the 4th quarter of the year, we’ll be launching new Gamemodes/Features depending on votes (Drop Game, The Royal Boycott, Quick Shoot Teams, User-generation Brain Games, RPS NFT- mode, Mystery-box NFTs and more)

Key factors to know about $RPS:

As a potential investor, here are the outlines of few essential things you need to know.


  • (Token Name: RPS Finance | Symbol: RPS)
  • (2% Burn, 2% Back to Holders)
  • (Max Supply: 10,000,000,000 | No Min Supply)

RPSBET has different kinds of games, choose $RPS and be a winner in the multitude of losers. Practice better betting on rpsbet.io. or invest in the digital currency that runs it ($RPS Finance)!



https://rpsbet.io/ and https://rps.finance/






https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x486dcCAF152B 271630216D62C00188F2558f6bEc



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