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4 min readAug 9, 2022


The 9:5 is becoming a thing of the past.

The Problem

If you’re not into any conspiracies, then stop reading. You won’t believe there’s an easy way to financial freedom.

What is financial freedom? Investopedia states: Financial freedom as having the financial cushion (savings, investments, and cash) to afford a certain lifestyle. Dependent on the person and so on- it really just boils down to not having to focus on surviving. Not having to worry about paying for food, housing and the other bare necessities.

Why Now?

Advanced technologies have allowed us to go back along ‘with the grain’. By this, we mean although the best technology is in the hands i.e. control, sof the most successful, centralised monopolies — we as a community of individuals with our great minds, thankfully, can still think for ourselves with proof from building blockchain technologies, bringing back efficiency in decentralisation. What a time to be alive.

Note: Decentralisation doesn’t mean no rules, it just means better rules governed by the people.

Side note: Imagine if we could all live by the Golden rule: ‘Treat others how you wish to be treated.’

Is it Gambling?

We’ll tell you what it is but hopefully you’ll still think for yourself- it’s a combination of 3 things; Gambling, Gaming and Investing.


It’s frowned upon because it’s addictive and it’s bad because it’s high-risk, but it’s used because it’s efficient (low entry barrier, quick to flip when lucky) in making money whilst being fun to play.


No, we don’t mean casino, Las Vegas gaming bullsh*t. Why they decided to give ‘gaming’ negative connotation by associating it with casinos we’ll never kn🤑. But gaming is a skilled person’s game…bottom line. It’s easy to encourage someone to succeed in something if you make a good enough game out of it. Wouldn’t you agree?


An undoubtedly way to cherish extra capital is not by saving it, but by investing in it. Better yet, buy some BNB for instance; it’s jumped from $240 (July 8th) to $275 (September 05/2022), a couple of months. You only need to zoom out from ‘All-time’ to see the real investment in decentralised technologies. Zoom out, always…

What is RPS Finance?

As efficient as we focus on being in the Play2Earn industry, RPSBET is still a game of patience i.e. mind games. Ever played poker? Now think simpler, more control, more automated and instead of chips it’s the soon-to-be DAO’s stock.

BONUS: We aim to provide educational material too, check out our Brain Games on Twitter and on RPSBET. You might learn a thing or two about cognition.

Soon you’ll be able to create your own Brain Games Questions and earn a commission for an additional way to reach the end goal.

Launch Date (Tuesday 6th September 2022 | 00:00 UTC)

We’ve spent everything in development and getting an Audit as we don’t want a repetition of what happened last time; we realise marketing is more important. But we had to wait on it.

(Total Tokens Available):

(7,000,000 RPS — 8,000,000 RPS)

Stealth launch

Exp. price:

~7,500,000 RPS Per BNB

Presale Link:

coming soon

We’ll send you back this token (import into your wallet):

RPS Finance contract address: 0x960af0c27c4b5062e77a58080576643c5be15080

Token Distribution:

When you focus on surviving too much, you hinder progress in the development of a project. The following provides us a solid base. As the platform is non-profit, we plan on acquiring these funds via our team wallets auto-staking of the automatic BNB dividends function in the RPS upgradeable contract.

A total of 10 Billion $RPS tokens will be distributed as per:

🔑 Owners (10%)

🔑 Development (5%)

🔑 Marketing (2.5%)

🔑 Community (2.5%)

🔒 Liquidity (30%)

  • Private sale (4%) [40M per BNB]
  • Presale (26%) [30M per BNB]

🔒 Partnerships (5%) [5 years]

🔒 Locked (50%) [Relocks every 2–4 years]:

  • Owners (12%) [Relocks every 3 years]
  • Marketing (8%) [Relocks every 2 years]
  • Development (10%) [Relocks every 1 year]
  • Community (8%) [Relocks every 3 years]
  • Partnerships (3%) [Relocks every 4 years]
  • Prev Holders (4%) [Distributed after Launch]


1. 🚀

  • [’22 Q3] Token Locking

2. 🚀

  • [’22 Q3] Pre-sale / Stealth Launch
  • Exp. Price: 7M $RPS per BNB

3. 🚀

  • [’22 Q3] Live on PCS (ICO)

4. 🚀

  • [’22 Q3] Launch Staking Platform Partially On-Chain (RPSBET.IO)
  • Exp. Price: 5M $RPS per BNB

5. 🚀

  • [’22 Q3] Marketing Push to Build Liquidity & Marketing Wallet (For Investors)
  • Exp. Price: 8M $RPS per BNB
  • Exp. Liquidity: 205 BNB
  • Partnership (NULs)
  • Shilling (@rps_finance)
  • Listings (CoinRadar, CoinSniper etc.)
  • Influencers (Discord & Telegram)
  • Moonshot Top Post (Reddit)
  • Blogs, Article Publishing & SEO
  • Ads (Poocoin etc.)
  • Reach 10,000 Followers

6. 🚀

[’22 Q3] Marketing Push to Build Stability & Community Wallet (For Players)

  • Brain Games (@rpsbet on Twitter)
  • Influencers on Twitch & TikTok
  • Reach 15,000 Followers

7. 🚀

[’22 Q3] Contract Upgrade to go Fully On-Chain (RPSBET.IO)

  • Exp. Price: 5M $RPS per BNB
  • Exp. Liquidity: 575 BNB

8. 🚀

[’22 Q4] More Gamemodes & Features

  • Exp. Price: 3M $RPS per BNB
  • Exp. Liquidity: 625 BNB

9. 🚀

[’22 Q4] Marketing Push to boost coin value for platform (For Investors & Players)

  • Exp. Price: 5M $RPS per BNB
  • Exp. Liquidity: 625 BNB
  • CoinMarketCap, CoinSniper, DAppRadar
  • Partnerships (10% of supply)
  • Token Burn (5% of supply)
  • Giveaways (community wallet)
  • Reach 20,000 Followers
  • Reach 250 DAU on rpsbet.io

10. 🚀

[’23 Q2] Further Development to bring in more games & user-generation

  • Exp. Price: 4M $RPS per BNB
  • Exp. Liquidity: 800 BNB

11. 🚀

[’23 Q4] DAO & Renounce Ownership to allow players to vote for the future build of the project

  • Exp. Price: 3,000,000 $RPS per BNB
  • Exp. Liquidity: 850 BNB

12. 🚀

ITEBET.IO Announcement


Follow our socials below for the latest updates. Dates are still to be announced. Get updates for our 200M RPS tokens giveaway. 👇👇


Website: https://rps.finance/

Platform: https://rpsbet.io/ (Live soon)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RPSBET

Discord: https://discord.gg/94QywhSc4d

Telegram: https://t.me/rpsfinance

Whitepaper: https://docs.rps.finance/

Bscscan: https://bscscan.com/token/0x960af0c27c4b5062e77a58080576643c5be15080



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