RPS Finance Exploit Results in 80% Dump—Forced to Migrate to a New Smart Contract and Relaunch

RPS Finance
4 min readOct 8, 2021

On the 5th of August 2021, 755,964,000 $RPS tokens were sold in a contract exploit causing total loss in liquidity.


Someone maliciously called the reflectfee function (which was set to public) and overloaded it. Then the ‘hacker’ called it to increase their balance.

Dump: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x16668896fc009557ad476013cf3521435e558489e442693c7b3215903cef01a5

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82% Dump after stabilizing from a market crash

V2 — RPS Finance contract

Contract Address: 0x960af0c27c4b5062e77a58080576643c5be15080

Marketing Wallet (0xc7dEF248E3fD8A97018c6606134CB9c2f910d4a8)— 1%

To Launch with rpsbet.io partially on-chain.

The only available currency on the platform will be $RPS

Follow @rps_finance on Twitter for updates.

V2 — Audited By TechRate

So, our blockchain developer apologised and wrote us a new contract as a way to say sorry, this time with no functions that should be private as public and no mint coins later. That is the contract you see here (latest). The Tokenomics are like this: 1% Burn, 1% Redistribution, 1% Liquidity, 1% Marketing, 1% Community. Total supply — 10B.

RPSBET.IO — the original PvP, P2E, economy-building, exchange-like DAO powered by $RPS Finance which aims to leave Shiba Inu and other meme coins behind, is only weeks away from full integration and a Testnet Launch, but in order for this to happen, the team need to out sell all 56 BNB in their Private Sale so they can aim for launch on the 25th October (or take what we can and hit the Presale via DXsale for instance).

• (Token Name: RPS Finance | Symbol: RPS) •

• 10 B Supply and Decreasing •

• 1%
Burn, 1% Redistribution, 1% Marketing, 1% Liquidity, 1% Site Development/Maintenance, 1% Community

For investment peace of mind —
the total tokens left unlocked at a time is minimal.

Locked Tokens (Total 83%)
Owners (20%)
Reserves (5%)
Team & Dev (10%)
Previous V1 Holders (7.5%)
Marketing (4%)
Community (4%)
Ecosystem Tokens (32.84%)

Private Sale 1 [closed] (1.875%) *Failed to reach SC*

Private Sale 1 [closed] (1.875%)

5BNB in total; 2BNB contribution limit
37.5M RPS = 1BNB

Private Sale 2 [pending] (11.25%) (currently live: 9th October ‘21)

Private Sale 2 [pending] (11.25%)
56BNB In total;
0.1BNB — 4BNB contribution limits
(1 NFT = [contribution_amount]BNB)

20M RPS = 1BNB

Rock Coin—First RPS NFTs Collection which can be burned

NFTs will be used instead of Investor’s waiting for their RPS Airdrop. Their contribution amounts are reflected directly on the NFT and they can choose if they still want to sell them to us on the 26th of October ‘21.

• PCS or Padswap [RPS Launch] (Total 2.997%) •
9.99M RPS = 1BNB (INSTANT 2X!)


2021 Q4 • [$RPS V2] Private Sale 1 🚀

2021 Q4 • Techrate AUDITS ✅

2021 Q4 • $RPS Private Sale 2 (w/ NFTs) (AirNFTS) 🏷

2021 Q4 • PCS or Padswap Launch 2021 [aiming for ‘Moonshot Monday’ 18th October]

2021 Q4 • 500 AIRDROPS 🚁🚁🚁

2021 Q4 • RPSBET.IO Smart Chain Testnet 🚀

2021 Q4 • RPSBET.IO Smart Chain Mainnet [aiming for 26th October] 🚀🚀🚀

2021 Q4 • Airdrop Private Sale Tokens (Buy-Back NFTs/Relisting) [aiming for 26th October]

2021 Q4 • Influencer Marketing PUSH 👥

2021 Q4 • CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko listings🦎

2022 Q4 • WhiteBit/Kucoin/Bitmart Listing 📝

2022 Q1 • Restricted RPS Gamemode (w/ NFTs) 🪨🗞✂️

2022 Q2 • Stratosphere Gamemode (PvP Crash) 📈 🏞

2022 Q3 • New Gamemodes/Features depending on Votes (Drop Game, The Royal Boycott, Quick Shoot Teams, User-generated Brain Games, Mystery Box NFTs and more!) 🕹

#Blockchain #Efficient #Economy #Boycottthehouse #DeFi #SafeGambling

“If you can’t afford to lose, you can’t afford to win. Similarly, if you can afford to lose, then you CAN afford to WIN!”—#RPSFINANCE

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Working Platform: rpsbet.io (In final phase of development)


Website: https://rps.finance/ (Click the ‘bell’ icon for $RPS Airdrops!)

Platform: https://rpsbet.io/ (Live soon)

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