RPS Finance Exploit Results in 80% Dump—Forced to Migrate to a New Smart Contract and Relaunch


Someone maliciously called the reflectfee function (which was set to public) and overloaded it. Then the ‘hacker’ called it to increase their balance.

82% Dump after stabilizing from a market crash

V2 — RPS Finance contract

Contract Address: 0x960af0c27c4b5062e77a58080576643c5be15080

V2 — Audited By TechRate

So, our blockchain developer apologised and wrote us a new contract as a way to say sorry, this time with no functions that should be private as public and no mint coins later. That is the contract you see here (latest). The Tokenomics are like this: 1% Burn, 1% Redistribution, 1% Liquidity, 1% Marketing, 1% Community. Total supply — 10B.

Private Sale 1 [closed] (1.875%) *Failed to reach SC*
Private Sale 2 [pending] (11.25%) (currently live: 9th October ‘21)
Rock Coin—First RPS NFTs Collection which can be burned
Working Platform: rpsbet.io (In final phase of development)



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RPS Finance

RPS Finance


Gamified income for everyone not just gamers. ⚔️💫 @RPSBET | $RPS #GameStaking