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House-Free, Skill-based Gambling

Believe it or not, gaming has huge cognitive benefits. We’re now heading towards a Play2Earn generation. We would arguably say Poker, is a style of Play2Earn although still has its random factors (cards) hence condoned as gambling.

Brachistochrone Problem

*Skills RPSBET Claims You Can Improve On:

  • Cognitive — Free Thinking, Ego
  • Focus — Present Moment, Personalised
  • Memory (coming soon)
  • Timing — Speed, Timing (coming soon)
  • Communication — Negotiation (coming soon)
  • Comedy (coming soon)
  • Problem Solving — Psychological, Reading Players
  • Financial (coming soon)
  • Trust — Misdirection, Anonymity (coming soon)
  • Willpower—Discipline, Health & Fitness (coming soon)


  • RPSBET aims to improve a person’s unique set of skills through its games. These are, for now, soft-skills commonly found in gaming but simplified for any person to pick up on.
  • Skills are put to practical use (collateralised with a stake much like any Play2Earn games)


  • Encourage Player Innovative Thinking (Creation) Vs. Joining Competition (Capitalism)

Target Audience

  • People looking to improve their cognitive ability and their unique set of skills that reflects their reality vs. perceived reality
  • 25–39 Men & Women
  • Focus words: derogatory/negative words (e.g. #casino, #corrupt, #toxic, #control, #self-improvement etc.)


  1. Marketing (until funds can accumulate for BNB migration)
  2. Development (BNB migration)
  3. Metaverse; user-generated content, DAO & Treasury ($RPS Finance migration & NFTs)
  4. Better financial tools [Spoiler]

Player Instincts

  • Short-term Rewards (Gamblers’ Instinct)
  • Counter with cognitive rewards


  • Expected to lose at first, competition gets harder, the more players Join the platform


  • Monopoly causes higher skill barrier and higher stakes
  • Innovation in cognitive behaviour needed (think Apple; Samsung, HTC etc.)
  • Tnx Tax goes towards more users and investors, which increases dividends towards the players (after $RPS migration)


  • Improve user-generated-content to counter capitalism
  • Allow for Skill Trading to counter capitalism (players’ risk close to 0 as possible)
  • Renounce ownership —> Use $RPS (Finance) to optimise players’ risk


  • Push awareness for deteriorating consciousness and cognitive dissonance
  • Sync cognition with capital

Organisation Values

  • Decentralised—Ownership, P2P
  • Lean—Minimise waste (time & money), Gambling Mechanics, No provably-fair algorithms
  • Cognitive-first—Ethical, 0% Luck, Maximise Value & Opportunity

For Now

User-generation remains at our focus, with the games we’ve got; Rock Paper Scissors, Brain Game (fill in this form to submit your own Brain Game), Spleesh, Mystery Box, Quick Shoot. Fulfil community satisfaction, value and needs.

Watch our Beta’s Gameplay

Gameplay Preview Beta 2.0



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