RPS Finance, StartUp aiming to create a safe and future-proof environment for Gambling/Betting.

Brief: RPSBET aims to fully decentralize betting, (put simply; no house/tax). We also want to give users more confidence when placing bets by bringing purer games to the table. All RPSBET’s games won’t have that ‘random’ factor that you normally see in traditional casinos. An efficient blockchain betting protocol allows users to invest their bets similar to an exchange but with higher risk and control rate!


Skilled games also help to make the platform safe, especially with it being 100% Peer-to-Peer, which means all bets are transparently fair without the need to prove its hashing (provably fair). RPSBET promises no ‘random’ factors which are common in traditional Betting/Gambling platforms.

How do we make Gambling safe?

Let’s look at $RPS’s Tokenmonics a bit more in depth, then we’ll move onto its Roadmap.

RPSBET V2 UI (Not out yet!)


  • 4% TAX; 2% Burn, 2% Redistribution back to Holders, 0% Platform
  • Owner & Team Wallets Locked FOR 4 YEARS (25%/Yr)

ROADMAP (straight from www.rps.finance)

Q2 • [$RPS] Launch 🚀

Q3 • [V2 RPSBET.io + $RPS] Launch 🚀

Q3 • Stratosphere (PvP Crash)

Q4 • Governance Gamemode/Feature + Staking

Q4 • New Gamemodes/Features Depending on Votes


Total Supply — 10000000000.0000 RPS

Tokens For Presale — 3000000000.0000 RPS

Tokens For Liquidity 1499999928.0000 RPS

Soft Cap — 120 BNB

Hard Cap — 240 BNB

Presale Rate 12500000.0000 — RPS per BNB

Minimum Contribution — 0.1 BNB

Maximum Contribution — 4 BNB

Presale Start Time — 20 May 2021 at 00:00

Presale End Time — 23 May 2021 at 00:00

PancakeSwap Listing Rate — 8928571.0000 RPS per BNB

PancakeSwap Liquidity % — 70

Liquidity Unlock Date — 31 Aug 2021 at 00:00

Link to website

Link to whitepaper



Gamified income for everyone not just gamers. ⚔️💫 @RPSBET | $RPS #GameStaking

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RPS Finance

Gamified income for everyone not just gamers. ⚔️💫 @RPSBET | $RPS #GameStaking